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terrified adj : thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation; "became panicky as the snow deepened"; "felt panicked before each exam"; "trying to keep back the panic-stricken crowd"; "the terrified horse bolted" [syn: panicky, panicked, panic-stricken, panic-struck, frightened]terrify v : fill with terror; frighten greatly [syn: terrorize, terrorise] [also: terrified]terrified See terrify

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Terrified was a record Quiet Riot made for Charles Band's picture Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, and was released on Moonstone Records, the soundtrack off-shoot of Band's film company Full Moon Entertainment.

Track listing

  1. "Cold Day in Hell" - 6:03 (DuBrow, Cavazo, Hillery, Banali)
  2. "Loaded in Gun" - 6:20 (DuBrow, Cavazo)
  3. "Itchycoo Park" - 3:56 (Lane, Marriott) (Small Faces cover)
  4. "Terrified" - 4:13 (Arkenstone)
  5. "Rude Boy" - 5:50 (DuBrow, Manning)
  6. "Dirty Lover" - 5:44 (DuBrow)
  7. "Psycho City" - 6:00 (DuBrow, Manning)
  8. "Rude, Crude Mood" - 3:45 (DuBrow, Mann-Dude, Paris)
  9. "Little Angel" - 3:58 (Arkenstone, Priest)
  10. "Resurrection" - 6:10 (Cavazo)


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aghast, anxious, appalled, ashen, astounded, awed, awestricken, awestruck, blanched, cowed, deadly pale, fearful, frightened, frozen, gray with fear, horrified, horror-struck, intimidated, pale as death, pallid, paralyzed, petrified, scared, scared stiff, scared to death, scary, shocked, stunned, stupefied, terror-crazed, terror-haunted, terror-ridden, terror-riven, terror-shaken, terror-smitten, terror-struck, terror-troubled, undone, unmanned, unnerved, unstrung
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